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Hello there, thanks for stopping by to meet me. 


I'm a contemporary artist born into a family of artists and cannot remember when I started making art it's so tightly woven into my life.


So, there are two things that bring me absolute joy - making mixed media art work in my studio and bringing art of all types to my community. I have lived a lifetime FULL of art including, but never limited to:  painting, metal sculpting, crochet, illustration, photography, theatre set builds, community events and so much more (click on tabs to see the scope).


It's my personal mission to empower my community through local organizations such as Arts Councils, library programs,  family resource organizations and wherever else I can be helpful. I believe the action of making anything with your hands alone or together in collaboration is the best self-therapy available to humanity and we all should be doing it. Contact me at

Enjoy making - life is richer when you do!

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